60024 Thew Loop, Cove, OR 97824

(541) 429-5124 | CONTACT US DIRECT AT: applespring@eoni.com

Not just fruits and vegetables...we offer a total sensory experience

Come see us in May...


We are small, but we pack a punch with all the wonderful items that we grow and sell here at our farm

Priced Right!

Don't let the word ORGANIC fool you into thinking higher costs. We keep our prices low, so our customers can be the true winners!

Worth the trip

Check us out, you'll be glad that you did! Our gardens and lovely setting lend to a relaxed atmosphere immersed in nature. 

APPLE SPRING is now 5 years old!

 We consider our tiny farm an important player amongst caring individuals looking to make a purposeful difference for themselves, their family, our world, our food, nature, and community. Team with us

e-mail: applespring@eoni.com, attn. Dana

60024 Thew Loop, Cove, Oregon 97824, United States


Wednesdays and Sundays 10:00 - 4:00 May through end of September